Resumption of Group Classes

Students are expected to call or whatsapp (+6597697265) to book for classes before attending.

New Bachata Level 1 | 28 Jan Sat 3.00pm | 2 x 1hr 30mins | $56/pax

Dance Videos

Salsa . Bachata . Kizomba

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Awesome stuff that our instructors and students create at TDC.


Our Instructors

We believe that dancing is not only fun but it is also a journey of discovery.


Salsa Director

Eddie, a.k.a. SexyLim, is one of the grooviest Salsa dancers around. Besides salsa he is also known for his unique style of salsa x hip-hop fusion which he showcases with his team, the 261 Dance Crew.


Bachata Co-Director

Christina teaches Bachata and Salsa. She is immensely popular for her sexy, stylish street latin style. She shook the local bachata scene when she founded the Alma Singapore Performance Team in 2015.


Bachata Co-Director

Derrick teaches Salsa and all 3 styles of Bachata (Dominican, Modern & Sensual). He believes that if he can dance, anybody can. He is also the choreographer and trainer for the NUS Salsa Club.


Kizomba Director

Do not be fooled by her friendly and easy-going nature. Irene is a stickler to technique and precision when it comes to Kizomba. Certified by Helio Santos, she too believes that Kizomba can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ming Min

Salsa Instructor

Her silly, bubbly personality makes it really easy for students to approach her for help. Ming Min focuses a lot on fundamentals and moves that brings out the flavour of Salsa.


Bachata Instructor

Sayuri dances with a sensual intensity which many people finds it captivating. She teaches her favourite dance which is Bachata, and she performs with the Alma Singapore Performance Team.

Class Registration

Please note that attendance for all classes will reguire pre-registration. If you are interested in attending any class, please WhatsApp/Telegram +65 9769 7265 for enquiries.

Salsa x Bachata

Course Fees

Completed your foundation classes and ready for higher levels and open classes?
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Beginner Course: Level 1

  • Level 1 is made up of 2 classes.
  • 2 x 90mins.
  • Class is conducted weekly
  • Comes with Free Prac after class.
  • *Suitable for Complete Beginners.


Bachata Course: Level 2A to 6B

  • Each course is made up of 4 classes.
  • 4 x 90mins of weekly classes.
  • Class is conducted weekly
  • Comes with Free Prac after class.
  • *Must Complete Previous Level.


Bachata Open Class

  • Weekly Open Classes
  • Each Class is 75 to 90mins
  • Comes with Free Prac after class
  • Requires pre-registration via whatsapp.
  • *Suitable for Experienced Bachata Dancers Only.

Class Schedule

Browse our class schedule for all classes including Trials, Workshops, New Courses, Ongoing Courses and Open Classes.

Salsa x Bachata x Heels

Open Classes

TDC offers a wide range of open classes for dancers that prefers a more free and easy approach.
Content of each class are different and will not require you to have attended previous classes to benefit from the lesson.
In case of changes in schedule, please WhatsApp/Telegram +6597697265 before dropping in for our open classes!


Sensual Bachata I

Every Wed | 9.30pm | 1h 15mins | $30

  • Suitable for all experienced bachata
  • dancers and newbies looking to start their
  • journey into sensual bachata.


Sensual Bachata II

Every Fri | 8.00pm | 1h 15m | $30

  • Suitable for all experienced bachata
  • dancers and newbies looking to start their
  • journey into sensual bachata.

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